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I have received the following emails requesting information.  If you can provide any information for the people below please email the editor, thank you. 


Dear Sir,
 I am trying to trace my grandmother who was born in Hamilton, probably about 1895, and a very kind member of your congregation suggested I ask you for help.
I remember she had relatives on mieckle eirnoch road in the 1970's.
Her name before marriage was Sarah Dickson and she was known as Sally and all I know of her is she went to live in Caton near Lancaster and married my grandfather Sydney in 1918.
I think she may have had a sister called Meg or Margaret who was still living in Hamilton in 1975.
I would be very grateful for any help you or your congregation may be able to offer.
Thank you
Can anyone provide any information about a farm called the Mailin just outside quarter. As I remember it was fairly near a disused railway bridge going into quarter from the Strathaven road direction.
It was the home of my father and the rest of his family at least until around the start of second world war.
My Grandmother was Jean, my father George, uncles Malcolm, Salomon, aunts Polly, Jenny, Jean and Bess
It is now completely demolished and has been since I was young. I remember my father pointing out where it had been and there was only one wall remaining.
I am curious to find out if anyone knows about it or if there is any photographic information about it any local archive.
Iain McAlpine


I have found a marriage certificate of relatives married in 1863 in St Mary’s Catholic Church, Hamilton. The parties involved were Bridget Smith, farm servant living at 22 Muir Street and John Fulton, ‘blast furnaceman at ironworks’ whose address is given only as ‘Quarter Parish Hamilton’.
I have been trying to find out if these families were of Scottish origin or whether they came over from Ireland. St Mary’s Church was built in 1843 so it suggests that maybe there had been quite a large influx of Irish by that time to that area. Fulton is a Scottish name but Smiths are everywhere.
Many Irish workers came to areas in Wishaw and Motherwell but I wondered if you knew if there was a large presence in Quarter and in Hamilton too. I have contacted the church to check their records but the priest is on holiday for another two weeks.
From census records I think the family were living at 64 Muir St in 1861 but the record is very difficult to read.
I wondered, since you have an interest in Quarter, whether you might have some ideas re. the above.


Information required 



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I was  having a look at your web-site and wondered if the enclosed photographs would be of any interest.
The two photos of the watch was one presented to my father for five years perfect attendance at

Quarter Primary School 1932 - 37

His name as the watch shows was Peter Ballantyne.
He went on to work in one of the mines in Quarter before he moved to Gorebridge where he died very young.
The third photo is from your own web-site which I copied to show where my father lived (hope you do not mind).

He lived in the first row of houses with his Uncle Jake & Aunt Meg Hodge (Brother & Sister).
I can still remember visiting Quarter during the summer holidays in the early fifties.

Kind Regards

James Ballantyne


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The official opening of the Quarter Play Park took place on

Saturday 15th September 2012 at 2.00 p.m. by Mr Pat Gillooly.